Friday, February 18, 2011

Paper Artistry of Phillip Valdez

Paper Artistry of Phillip Valdez features Phillip's personal paper sculpture work and the images;  the artists, random flotsam and jetsam that inspire him.
Phillip Valdez was born in New Mexico to a jackalope and an alien. Having earned a college scholarship in engineering from NASA he opted for partying his way through the first 5 years of higher learning, eventually earning a degree in Design and Illustration after moving to Seattle, WA in 1993.
In 1996 he created his first mask on a whim and won first place at the Seattle Art Museum Masquerade Ball, with the mask he made for his wife earning second place.
Phillip began creating masks in earnest at the request of his wife, to be used in her photography. This collaboration led to several creative series including the Tarot of Masks and the Dream Masquerade series.
Phillip is cerrently employed as a technical illustrator and spends his precious free time working on various creative projects. All the masks are made from heavy paper and glue, with Phillip's natural engineering abilities transforming these simple tools into amazing art.
Check out his Mask gallery and Tarot of Masks gallery to see more his awesome paper sculpture works.

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